Ham: A cure for your meat cravings /Ham from your online Deli

Products like ham, bacon, and sausages have found their place on Indian dining tables. E-commerce has made it extremely convenient to order ham online along with other cold cuts.

Ham is a versatile meat with a good (refrigerated) shelf life. Cushioned comfortably in a sandwich with cheese and more or glistening with glaze for a holiday dinner, a good slice of ham never fails to seduce the tastebuds.

Of course, there is so much more that goes into a ham, literally and figuratively. Ham specifically refers to the meat from the hind leg of pork. All hams are cured by rubbing with salt and sugar, this treatment also destroys any trichinae. Now, if you’re wondering where to buy fresh ham, they are available online or at your neighbourhood deli. Options are normally brine or salt-cured, smoked, air-dried, aged or combination of all.

What makes a good ham? Whether you decide to buy fresh ham sliced at the supermarket or order ham online, here are some pointers:

Colour and texture

Quality cured ham is a healthy rose pink in colour with white or slightly grey overtones. Most hams come accompanied with the fat and this is another indication of the quality. If the fat is creamy white and blemish-free, go for it. If white of the fat is veering towards a yellowish tint, avoid it.


A rule of thumb, whether you order salami online or buy ham from the store, is to check the packaging minutely. Examine for cuts or tears, and the package should be cool to touch. The hams that are not ready-to-eat, will display prominent statement and instructions on the label.


Lastly, once the meat is removed from its outer cover, trust your touch. The meat should be firm and moist but not slimy wet; succulent yet not dry. Any hint of foul odour is indication of inferior or bad meat.

Good quality comes at price. So next time do the see-touch-smell test and then trust your brand.

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