I am hearing a lot about Bird Flu on the News! Is it safe to order Meatigo Chicken?

Yes, Meatigo Chicken is and has always been 100% SAFE.

  1. We source our poultry products from certified & licensed supply partners who have their own network farms and we have never sourced a single bird from the open market or mandis where such cross contaminations risks could occur.
  2. All our supply partners are subjecting the birds to Antemortem and Post-Mortem inspection by licenced veterinarians & controllers and are certified being free from highly pathogenic diseases, and fit for human consumption.
  1. We operate hygienic, state-of-the-art processing where all meats are further tested for microbial counts & quality tests before it is processed further at our own facilities, cleaned & then packed in vacuum packed to ensure maximum safety & freshness.
  1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, it is important to note that humans cannot contract bird flu unless they come in direct contact of a live, infected bird. As long as you cook your meat properly, you are safe. Normal temperatures used for cooking (so that food reaches 70°C in all parts) will kill the virus.
How are your products packed & delivered?
  1. Every batch including our processed meats are tested, checked & hygienically packed in vacuum packs using German Technology – all of which are done with temperature control between 0-4℃ right from the farm to the time the products are delivered to your doorstep.
  1. Our vacuum packing technology we use is the best in the country & this ensures the oxygen is completely flushed out which ensures no oxidation of the meats and in turn keeps the maximum level of freshness.
  1. Once packed, all our meats and seafood are transported in temperature-controlled vehicles at every step in our supply chain. The same meats are then transported fresh daily to our delivery hubs which are then delivered in temperature-controlled bags to your doorstep.
Where does Meatigo source meats & seafood from?
  1. 100% of our meats are sourced either from our own farms or from licensed & government certified supply partners following strict sourcing standards.
  1. All of our supply partners have their own farm networks and don’t source birds from outside which are checked by qualified veterinarians and practice hygienic and humane raising practices.
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