Here’s Why Vegetarians Need Not Depend on Potato-Based Snacks Anymore

  • May 31, 2024
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Potato-based snacks have a long-held reputation for being both monotonous and devoid of nutrition. These starchy treats, often fried and loaded with calories, become unwanted additions to your snack o’clock. If you are a vegetarian and think potato-based snacks are your only option to munch on, let’s introduce you to a world you haven’t explored. With Meatigo by your side, you can ditch your usual potato snacks and try your hands on some of our finest, non-potato easy snacks. The best part? They are easy to make, do not require you to cook from scratch (because most of it is already done by us), and taste just as delicious as you would want them to. If you’re wondering what snacks you can try your hands on, we recommend you start with these:

Vegetable & Paneer Momos

Zero on boredom, and high on taste, our Vegetable & Paneer Momos are the perfect replacement for your 5 pm snack cravings. Easy to cook, these Momos are a result of paneer mixed with farm-fresh veggies. Depending on what your mood is like and also your preferences, you can either steam them, pan-fry them, air fry them or even deep fry them. Every snack including the Vegetable & Paneer Momos is made with fresh and fine ingredients that transcend the ordinary, these Momos can be added to a soup for a burst of flavours that will teleport you to a state of zen. Didn’t that just make you want them more now?

Cheesy Spicy Veg Momos

Tired of eating the same old peri-peri French fries or wedges? It’s time to experience flavours that are sure to get you to break up with your long-time beau – potato. Our Cheesy Spicy Veg Momos are crafted from the finest, freshest ingredients that are delicately encased in a thin coating for a perfect fusion of flavours. These spicy Momos boast an irresistible combination of gooey cheese and farm-fresh vegetables, creating a mouthwatering snack you can’t get enough of. Whether steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried, or air-fried, these Momos can be made using versatile preparation methods to suit every taste. You can elevate your dining experience with minimum effort as these delightful Momos seamlessly complement your soups and fried rice while also tasting just as good by themselves.

Juicy & Delicious Momos
India’s No. 1 Momos with Juicy Fillings & Juicy Fillings

Veg Pizza Baos

If your breakfast seems like a rush and evening high teas make you crave some hot snacks, our Veg Pizza Baos are the ones for you. These beauties are thoughtfully made to consistently hit the spot. Bursting with the goodness of farm-fresh veggies and premium cheese, these buns are a true delight for your taste buds. With every bite, you are going to love the rich flavours of our marinara sauce, which is the perfect blend of freshness and indulgence. These pre-steamed buns can be in a blink of an eye depending on, whether you choose to steam, pan-fry, or microwave them. Additionally, their fluffy, cloud-like texture perfectly complements the delicious filling that is sure to make these Veg Pizza Bao Buns an irresistible treat for you.

Spicy Veg Baos

If you liked the sound of the ones mentioned above, you are destined to trade your plate of potato wedges with these Spicy Veg Baos too. Are you wondering what this lip-smacking dish tastes like? Imagine farm-fresh veggies being tossed in mouthwatering, spicy marinara sauce and stuffed in a soft, fluffy, cloud-like bao bun. The indulgent, juicy experience only gets better as you steam or air fry them. The best part? You only have to cook them for no more than 5 minutes. Can any potato-based snack beat this treat?

Soft & Fluffy Baos
Soft, Fluffy & Stuffed Baos

Veg Spring Rolls

Potato-based snacks, however tasty, cannot compare to the nutritional value the vegetables bring to the table. So, skip those potato snacks and delight your taste buds with our Veg Spring Rolls, a perfect fusion of the freshest veggies wrapped in a satisfyingly crunchy layer. Indulge in a snack that not only satisfies your cravings but also offers a nutritious escape on cheat day. Getting yourself a dose of these flavours is effortlessly simple. All you have to do is preheat your air fryer to 200°C, brush some oil over these rolls, and let them cook for about 10–12 minutes and there you go, you have something healthy and tasty to savour. To ensure even cooking, give them a gentle shake in between. Make space for them in your freezer and discover the ease of treating yourself to a new, nutritious snack whenever the desire for something truly delicious strikes.

Veg Spring Roll
Veg Spring Roll, An Extra Indulgent Snack!

Crunchy Cheesy Jalapeno Veg Poppers

Wish to serve your party guests something crunchy, lip-smacking, and spicy that are similar to the Mexican snack “Chiles Rellenos”? Our Crunchy Cheesy Jalapeno Veg Poppers are just that and more! These absolutely delicious beauties are here to rescue you from falling into the trap of monotony. They are savoury, scrumptious, and perfectly bite-sized for any occasion. These delectable poppers feature a medley of farm-fresh sweet corn, zingy jalapenos, and luscious cheese, delivering a burst of flavour in every crispy bite. Whether it’s a cosy movie night or a house party, our Veg Poppers are the ultimate crowd-pleaser that will undoubtedly leave you craving for more. 

Veg Poppers
Savoury, Scrumptious, Bite-sized Poppers, The Perfect Snack for Any Occasion!

Please Note: If you’re wondering about your health being hampered by frozen foods, fret not as we bring you our treasured recipes with no added preservatives or MSG. Additionally, we ensure consistent, daily quality checks, complete cold chain control, fresh, premium ingredients, and temperature-controlled delivery, all of which promise you taste and convenience at their finest.

With Meatigo, let’s celebrate your break-up with potatoes healthily. Wait no more to explore our collection of easy snacks for vegetarians and fill up your fridge with the best. Happy snacking!

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