Iconic Snack Trends Through the Years

  • June 7, 2024
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Food transcends language barriers and serves as a timeless art form, bringing cultures together since time immemorial. While the essence of food remains unchanged, our culinary knowledge and preferences continue to evolve, revealing newfound culinary delights from around the globe. This has also brought about a change in our snacking habits, making us gradually switch from bagged, crunchy potato chips to healthier air-fried ones. Another significant transition we witnessed was from spending hours in the kitchen cooking from scratch to investing in frozen foods that are just as tasty but quick to make. While these are just a few examples, this blog further describes the substantial changes in the simplest of all ways. So, without further ado, let’s get exploring the snack trends through the years.

Snack Trends That You Might Have Not Noticed Until Now

Snacks are an indispensable part of our routines, as they satisfy our hunger at any time of the day. While their importance remains wedged, what we include in these snacking sessions has evolved impeccably over the years. Let’s take a look at the trends that you were a part of but failed to notice:

  • Fashion in Flavours: Over the years, the traditional chip aisle has transformed into a selection of flavours offered by different brands. The classic salted is replaced with flavours like BBQ, cream and onion, and more.
  • Evolution of a Healthy Snack Base: People have started departing from traditional snack bases like potato and corn to alternatives like chickpeas, sweet potatoes, etc.
  • Changing Snack Perceptions: As days pass, snacks are losing their reputation as guilty pleasures; instead, the health-conscious are seeking added health benefits from consuming snacks. This has led to a driving demand for energy-boosting ingredients with high fibre and protein content.
  • Unconventional Snacks: With ample options available online, ready to get delivered to your doorstep, no wonder snacks have expanded beyond traditional bagged options to other food items like soups, pizzas, beverages, etc.
  • Changing Eating Habits: A growing number of buyers prefer multiple snack-like meals per day rather than three traditional meals. That change is attributed to the demands of an increasingly hectic lifestyle, in which convenience and portability are important features in snack product selection. This also gave rise to the demand for frozen foods.

Their rising demand cannot be overlooked considering the impact they have on one’s lifestyle in general. They are easy to make and take away the hassle of cooking from scratch. Let’s learn more in detail about how the evolution of frozen foods has changed the dynamics of snacks and cooking over the years.

Discover the Causes of the Evolution of Frozen Foods

What started with a frozen fish tasting delectable after months in 1924 has now evolved into a global chain of a wide range of frozen foods found in the refrigerators of millions. Frozen foods in India can be seen as a great alternative to home cooking. Although the demand for frozen foods was high before the COVID hit, the pandemic played a crucial role in its demand. People started stocking up their refrigerators with food items that have a longer shelf life and are easy to make. Let’s take a look at the other factors that contributed to its growing demand.

  • Changing Lifestyles: The prevalence of dual-income households and urbanisation has fuelled a demand for quick, time-saving food solutions, with frozen foods emerging as convenient choices. Not only do they align with modern lifestyles, but the ease of preparation also reduces the hassle of cooking from scratch, making them optimal for the busy working class. To make convenience a priority and taste truly a “chef’s kiss,” Meatigo brings you an extensive range of frozen foods you would love to add to your fridge.
  • Globalisation: It has heightened the demand for frozen foods in India, with exposure to diverse cuisines and Western influence familiarising us with a variety of frozen items. Commonplace favourites like pizza and Momos exemplify the increasing preference for convenient, globally-inspired frozen options, reshaping consumption patterns in response to an interconnected culinary landscape. We at Meatigo bring you a range of frozen foods like Korean Pork Bulgogi Slices, Bao Buns inspired by the North of China, etc., thus offering you a range of international cuisine in India.
  • Retail Evolution: The rise of supermarkets and hypermarkets has simplified consumer access to a diverse array of frozen foods. Enhanced cold chain infrastructure, reducing food waste, has further spurred the growth of frozen products. Additionally, the convenience of online ordering enhances accessibility and appeal, making Meatigo your best bet for frozen foods that taste delightful in each bite.
  • Indian Consumers’ Changing Palate: The evolving palate of Indian consumers, influenced by exposure to international flavours and frequent travel abroad, has fueled the popularity of frozen food products. As consumers embrace experimentation with diverse cuisines like Korean, Italian, and Chinese, frozen foods cater to this changing taste by providing a convenient array of international and fusion dishes for home preparation.
Prasuma Baos
Prasuma is The 1st Brand in India to Launch Baos

Challenges and Concerns

While everything mentioned above kept frozen foods in the limelight, their popularity came with certain challenges and concerns. Let’s take a look at some concerns that will help you understand frozen foods in depth.

  • The Freshness Perception: Addressing consumers’ worries about the perceived freshness of frozen foods is essential. This makes educating them about the technology and processes involved in frozen food production crucial to dispelling such concerns. If you’re someone concerned about the same, rest assured that each of our frozen foods is made using fresh, premium-quality ingredients, undergoes stringent quality checks, and is packed with superior packaging technology. Our temperature-controlled delivery adds a cherry on top.
  • Cold Chain Logistics: In India, where cold chain infrastructure has seen improvement but still has gaps, Meatigo stands out. With complete cold chain control, we at Meatigo ensure a reliable and consistent process, setting us apart in guaranteeing the quality and safety of our frozen products.
  • Sensitivity in terms of Pricing: In India, where price sensitivity is crucial, frozen foods are sometimes seen as pricier than fresh options. At Meatigo, we prioritise affordability by offering frozen foods at their best prices, making them a smart and economical choice for your kitchen.
  • The Quality Factor: Ensuring high-quality and safety standards has been a primary concern. At Meatigo, ensuring top-tier quality and safety is paramount. Our frozen foods are crafted solely from fresh, premium ingredients, and our rigorous daily quality checks make Meatigo a trustworthy choice. The best part? Our frozen foods have no preservatives or MSG infused which further makes us a reliable kitchen companion.

Still wondering: Why choose Meatigo? Read More to Know

With everything mentioned above, we have already cleared your doubts on why it should be your primary choice when it comes to investing in some delectable frozen foods. This might have made you curious to know what frozen foods we have to offer. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with some frozen must-haves in the list below:

  • Different Flavours of Momos: Whether you like them steamed, air-fried, deep-fried, or pan-fried, we have a collection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos that cater to diverse taste buds.
  • A Selection of Bao Buns: Soft and fluffy like a cloud but filled with flavours that are sure to give you a gastronomical experience you can’t get enough of, our vegetarian and non-vegetarian bao buns are a must-try.
  • Lip-Smacking Kebabs: A universally loved dish, our kebabs come in various flavours, each thoughtfully made to excellence for you to enjoy.
  • Smashing Spring Rolls: The crunch, fillings, and flavours, all of them combined, make our frozen, veg, and non-veg spring rolls a must-have in your refrigerator.

In addition to these, you can explore and add our quick treats and burger patties to your delightful food menu for the week.

We hope you liked this blog and understood why we at Meatigo stand out with our offerings. Stay tuned to learn more about snacks and frozen foods. While at it, stock up your fridge with Meatigo treats now.

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