Food-Related Movies You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

  • April 17, 2024
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Whether you are a foodie or not, movies based on food strike a chord with your heart and make your connection with food stronger. Movies based on food showcase the culture, traditions and culinary history of a place that helps you discover a bit more about the world. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite food movies that make us salivate with their salivate-worthy visuals, excellent storytelling and of course fabulous acting. 

Warning: These movies may make you want to cook up a storm at home so keep your Meatigo order ready in the cart. 

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Available on Amazon Prime Video, this comedy-drama features the Kadam family who move to a quaint French village with dreams of opening an authentic Indian restaurant. Based on Richard Morais’ novel, the film unfolds a savoury tale as an Indian eatery sets up shop just 100 feet away from a prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant. Starring Manish Dayal, Om Puri, Helen Mirren, and Charlotte Le Bon, the film blends the spice of Indian cuisine with the sophistication of French cooking. Watch out because this savoury clash is sure to leave you craving both chicken tikka masala and a perfect croque madame, making Meatigo’s Chicken and Eggs a must-have in your pantry.


Bradley Cooper shines as Adam Jones, a brilliant chef derailed by drugs and alcohol. Battling his demons, he seizes a chance at redemption by relocating from New Orleans to London. Grab your plate of Pulled Pork Burger and watch him take the reins as the head chef of a fine-dining restaurant. Savour a flavourful journey of second chances, culinary brilliance, and the quest for redemption. You can watch this mind-blowing movie on YouTube now.

Pulled Pork Burger
Easy to Make Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork Burger

Cook Up a Storm

This film on Netflix unfolds a delectable narrative of a culinary showdown between a renowned Cantonese street food maestro and a Michelin-starred Korean chef. Beyond the heated rivalry, it artfully captures the vibrancy of an Asian street food market and the contrasting world of haute cuisine. After this gastronomic journey, if you find yourself yearning for a taste of Korean Bao Buns, consider Meatigo your culinary ally and fill up your tummy now.


With this movie on ZEE5, you can join the cooking legend Tarla Dalal’s empowering journey as she rebels against societal norms to find significance through the art of cooking. This cinematic experience showcases her defiance, illustrating how cooking becomes a catalyst for empowerment. So, grab your bucket of Meatigo Hot Wings and watch a film that transcends the kitchen, urging you to savour the sweet taste of empowerment.

Julie & Julia

Featuring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, this Amazon Prime Video gem follows Julie Powell, a discontented writer whose life takes a flavorful turn with Julia Child’s cookbook. Join Julie’s ambitious quest to master all 524 recipes in 365 days, discovering life and relationships anew. After this delightful film, the urge to whip up dishes like white wine garlic chicken will be irresistible. So, don’t hesitate to order your ingredients from Meatigo for your culinary adventure now.


This movie on Amazon Prime Video features a single mother who, with her daughter, relocates to the French countryside to open a scandalously Sunday-open chocolate shop. With genuine sweetness and cocoa delights, this duo transforms skeptical townsfolk into warm, welcoming neighbours. Inspired much? Don’t forget to stock up on Eggs when experimenting with new chocolate desserts at home after this movie bonanza.


Delight in a fusion of food and flashbacks in Disney’s Ratatouille, a nostalgic masterpiece on Amazon Prime Video. Follow Remy, a Parisian rat with dreams of becoming a grand French chef, as he navigates the culinary world beneath a renowned restaurant. This heartwarming tale blends flavours and memories, showcasing resilience in a kitchen that initially rejects Remy. Doesn’t that sound like a dose of a culinary-cinematic masterpiece? Your best partner for this movie is our Fish in Lemon Beurre Blanc.

Fish in Lemon Beurre Blanc
Fish in Lemon Beurre Blanc, A Classic French Recipe

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

Available on YouTube, this is a Bollywood comedy where Omi Khurana returns to his village in Punjab to reclaim his family’s famed chicken curry recipe, ‘Chicken Khurana.’ Watch him on his mission to save his grandfather’s dhaba from financial ruin. As secrets unravel, the film unfolds a delightful journey filled with humour, family dynamics, and the magic of a cherished recipe. So, if you’re excited to try making the iconic “Chicken Khurana” yourself, order your Chicken from Meatigo for a perfectly crafted dish now.

Watch these movies on the upcoming weekend and experience the delightful combination of cinematic and culinary artistry. While at it, don’t forget to stock up on snacks like Momos, Baos, Kebabs, and Quick Treats from Meatigo for a complete binge-worthy experience.

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